My search for a truly versatile gun dog that could handle all types of game began in 2001.  I needed a dog that could not only hunt furred and feathered game, but one that could handle cold winter waterfowl hunting too. This is what initially drew my attention to the Deutsch Drahthaar. During my research of different breeds, I learned that there are vast differences between the German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) and the Deutsch Drahthaar (DD), which translates to “German Wirehair”.  It is believed by most GWP owners that their dogs are the same breed as the DD’s, but in reality they are not. In order for the pup to be a registered Deutsch Drahthaar, the parents, grandparents, great grandparents and all the others behind them have satisfied some of the most stringent breeding regulations and practical field tests in the dog world. Breeding just one dog that was never tested or inspected in accordance with the VDD Breeding Regulations eliminates the possibility of all offspring ever becoming registered with the VDD. 

The Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD) is the organization that controls the strict breeding regulations that the breeders adhere to. The governing organization that supplies the testing regulations is called the Jagdgebrauchshundverband (JGHV), which loosely translated means “Versatile Hunting Dog Association in Germany”. In the GWP world, there are no hunting tests or breed confirmation requirements that are needed to breed the dog. GWP breeders only need an AKC, NAVHDA, FTSD or some other registry’s pedigree and that is acceptable for breeding. While in the VDD world, hunting performances, confirmation, coat, correct bites and HD-free hips are just some of the evaluations that the Deutsch Drahthaar must go through in order to be considered “certified for breeding”. If you are looking for a versatile gun dog that can handle all types of game and different climates, then the DD is the one for you.                    

The breeding goal at Flusshügel kennel is to produce a well-balanced, versatile gun dog that can handle all types of feathered and furred game in any type of hunting situation. In addition to the strict VDD breeding regulations, Flusshügel also requires that our females successfully complete the VGP before considering them into our breeding program. This is a personal choice that solidifies our commitment and dedication to produce a well-balanced, versatile gun dog for our owners. 

In December 2006, I was recommended by the Executive Council of the VDD-GNA as a performance judge to the JGHV in Germany and will begin judging at tests in the spring of 2007. I became eligible to enter the JGHV apprentice judge program after successfully training and handling a dog through the VJP, HZP, VGP and receiving a letter of recommendation from the VDD-GNA Atlantic Chapter Chairman in 2004. With a tremendous amount of work and many miles traveled, my apprenticeship took less than two years to complete all the requirements.  

The VDD-GNA organization is filled with many dedicated people who have gone above and beyond for this great breed in the USA. The DD would not be what it is today without these completely devoted individuals. Without the guidance and support of a small group of these people, I would have never accomplished handling several DD’s through the VGP level of testing and become a performance judge in the JGHV system. There are many individuals who devote countless hours to the improvement and enhancement of the DD. These people are all an essential part and the backbone of the VDD in the USA today. I would like to thank them all for the help and support that got me involved with the most versatile hunting dog in the world… the Deutsch Drahthaar! 

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