Thank you for visiting vom Flusshügel Deutsch-Drahthaar. Flusshügel maintains dogs that are registered within the German organization the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar (VDD), which was established in 1902. Translating to “River Hills”, Flusshügel Kennel is located in the rolling, river hills of Conestoga, PA, approximately forty-five minutes southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In a countryside setting, our property is surrounded by forests, fields and a creek that lead to the nearby Susquehanna River.

 As a registered VDD kennel, Flusshügel produces dogs with innate natural abilities and versatility that have made the Deutsch-Drahthaar the most popular hunting breed on the European continent today. Our kennel location allows the dogs to be exposed to various types of game, terrain and conditions. Having water, forest and fields immediately accessible from our property enables us to enhance and develop each dog’s engrained natural abilities.

Being an avid hunter most of my life, I was drawn to the DD due to the versatility of the breed and their ability to adapt to the ever changing hunting that we do. This versatility gives today’s hunter the opportunity to hunt ducks and geese in the morning, pheasants in the afternoon and blood track wounded big game in the evening, all with one dog.

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